Things we will do this Summer

The last few Summers I have been making a "Summer bucket list" for me and the kids to do during the summer. (Here is 2012) Before, when I was working I would try to get out and do things on the weekend, but frankly, I was lazy, there were groceries to get and a house to clean and it was so much nicer to do what I wanted on my days off and ultimately, Zachary benefited the least.

It makes me so grateful for Travis that he works as hard as he does so that I am able to stay home with our kids and raise them. I love having the extra time to actually sit down and play with my kids.  *And I have no judgement to those people who do work, I am talking about my own personal circumstances*

Here are 40/50 of our bucket list items:

1. Camp on the beach
2. Make Sun tea
3. Make my own skirt
4. Mini golf
5. Have a picnic
6. Make home made bubbles
7. Build a sandcastle
8. Find a lake to go to
9. Go huckleberry picking
10. learn to can foods
11. go to and swim in the ocean
12. Go to the zoo
13. tie a note to a balloon and send it off
14. ride a horse on the beach
15. make ice cream from scratch
16. learn to identify 10 constellations
17. have a water balloon fight
18. BBQ with friends
19. Go to a farmer's market
20. make flavored water
21. Go fishing
22. Make an indoor teepee
23. Do the Dirty Dash
24. Lay out in the sun... A LOT!
25. melt crayons
26. fly a kite
27. sleep in a tent
28. go to a baseball game
29. go to the splash pad
30. Date night with my hubs
31. Do a scavenger hunt
32. Homemade Popsicles
33. Play in the sprinkler
34. Take a road trip
35. Story time at the library
36. Eat snow cones
37. Sidewalk chalk
38. Make homemade Play-Doh
39. Go to Silverwood
40. lots of drawing on our chalkboard wall

As you can see my list goes to 50 but I've only filled out 40. Why is that? you ask? Well I came across this a couple of weeks ago and I plan to have it printed out and write everything from our list onto it, and have 10 spaces to add as we think of other fun things to do! The Crafting Chicks rock! And this printable is great! I can't wait to get it up and start on our bucket list!

What is on your Summer bucket list?

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun! Enjoy your summer!

  2. Cute List! Love making these kind of things. I am posting mine this next week:)

  3. I made a summer bucket list, too! I forgot about sun tea! I haven't had any in forever. Looks like you have a fun summer ahead!

  4. great list! a few days ago i wrote my summer list of things to do on paper but now i gotta make it official on the blog! looking forward to seeing posts as you scratch things of your fun list :)


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