My 3 worst traits

The other day I was going to do my 3 worst traits for part of Blog everyday in May, but for real, these kids keep me busy and I just flat out never got around to it! I mean, I wrote it out on paper, but ran out of time to type it up!

So, I'm a week or so late, but here it goes!

- I can be gullible. I believe. I believe easily. I believe quickly. I believe peoples intentions are good.

- I don't have much of a sense of humor: A lot of times I don't "get" jokes. I don't really "lol" often, rather I laugh to myself.

- I don't put myself "out there". I hate rejection and worry what people will thing and how they react. So instead of deal with rejection, I just keep to myself.

Because I have just sold myself so well (eye roll) I am not going to list 3 of my best traits.

- I am loyal to the end. I will go the extra mile for the people in my life whom I love. I will take the shoes off my feet if you need them. (And not just because I'd rather be barefoot.)

- I am considerate. When making decisions I try to look at who and how it might impact others. I "try" to think about people's feelings before doing things.

- I am passionate. When I set out to do something I want to do it 100%. I make every effort to get things done correctly the first time.

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  1. Stopping by from Friend Connect Blog Hop.

    Well, based on your 1st trait, you'd love my book series. Based on the second... maybe not. Your third-- life is hard, and putting yourself out there is even harder, but only those who run the race have a chance to win it.
    Love all three of your good traits!


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