Summer is 9 months

Summer is 9 months!

She has 2 bottom teeth and at least one top tooth that is trying to come in. But I'll tell ya, it's been a nightmare! Last Sunday I noticed she felt warmer than normal so I took her temperature and she had a fever. I checked for teeth and sure enough I could see a while line on her upper gums. It was swollen and looked like it hurt!I figured it would be through in the next couple of days. But here we are a week later and still no tooth is through. It's been a rough week with a super fussy little girl! And I hope this tooth comes in soon!

She is about 17 pounds. We go in for her check up next week so that will get confirmed then.

Summer is wearing mainly 6-9 month clothes and some 12 month clothes depending on if it was 2nd hand and shrunk down a little. But she still has a couple of outfits that are 3-6.

She isn't quite crawling but she gets up on one knee and uses her other foot to push herself forward. She also gets up on both knees and hands and rocks back and forth. This last week she has started to try and pull herself up on furniture and she would prefer to stand on your lap than sit.

Her sleep has not been great. I know part of that is the teething, but she is up at least a couple of times during the night. I normally let her nap as often as she wants but I might have to start getting her on more of a schedule. Wish me luck!

Summer says, Mama, Dada, Bubba (which is Zach and Tyler) and she waves bye-bye.

We are still breastfeeding on demand and it's going good. But sometimes she bites. Hard.
We don't do a lot of baby food yet, it's mainly a few times per week.

She has a great smile and no one can make her smile like her brothers. She loves those boys like crazy.

39 weeks in 39 week out- My oh my, what a beautiful little girl I was blessed with!

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