A Pirates life for me!

A couple of days ago I was looking through some pictures from earlier this year and I came across Zachary's pirate party. The first thing I realized was that I NEVER shared these!

I was so busy getting ready for the party, and then having his party, that (sadly) when it was done I just moved along to the next thing.

Zachary wanted to have a pirate party and so I hopped onto Pinterest and started looking for ideas! Feel free to check out my "Get this Party Started" board for lots of ideas!

And onto the pictures!

Zachary had a great party! Thanks to Pinterest I had ideas galore! And I started making things and getting things together. He had friends and lots of family over and it was a great day! 
Pirate Party

Lots of sweets for snacking
Pirate Party

Pirate Party

Pirate Party

I especially loved these marshmallow pirate heads! So much fun! My niece was over helping and she shipped these up in no time!
Pirate Party

I found this super fun "Cannon Ball Blast" game for the kids! It got them outside and running around! The point of the game is to pop everyone's balloon and have the last balloon up-popped! Even the little kids got in on the action!
Pirate Party
We also did a "Walk the Plank" game where you walked across a board blindfolded, but no pictures!

Zachary really wanted a Kendama. I don't know if these are popular where you are, but this last year these things were all the rage! He finally got one and went to town learning all the tricks!
Pirate Party

He is on a fine line wearing his Huskies gear in Cougar country! But he loves them! And Thanks to his Aunt who lives on the West side of Washington, she sent him some new goodies!
Pirate Party
He also got several Amazon gift cards, because everyone knew he was saving his money to buy a Kindle Fire! And sure enough, after his birthday he had more than enough and the very next day we got it ordered! Lucky boy!

Even this sweet girl (who was only 7 months at the time) joined in the festivities! Someone had given us this shirt for her, and I knew she'd never wear it. I'm just not into skulls on my babies! But once this party was coming up I remembered it and it was just the right size too!
Pirate Party

A few other things we did that were not pictured were:
Water bottles with labels that read: Sea Water
Red punch that said: Shark blood
pirate cupcakes with skull flags
The kids all got a little pouch with "gold" candies, a compass, telescope and temp tattoos
And the boys that stayed the night also got hooks, swords and a bomb shaped drink cup! 

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