Foodie Friday: Home made sandwich

A home made sandwich? What's so exciting about that?

Well, nothing, really.

But I've been trying to share more about what I'm eating these days, and a plain ol' sandwich has been a staple. And it comes in many forms.

We have completely stopped using mayo. (except in my very rare need for a tuna sandwich) But I have to have something on the bread so we've been using Laughing Cow light cheese. My two favorites are the Mozzarella Sun-dried Tomato and Basil (35 calories per wedge) and Garden Vegetable (45 calories per wedge)

So this is what is on these sandwiches:

-A skinny everything bagel (I just used the Fred Meyer/Kroger brand because they are a little cheaper, taste and calories are the same)
-Laughing Cow Cheese (I only use about 1/4-1/3 of the wedge, depending on my mood)
-Turkey. This is usually a turkey from the deli. Depending on the brand you can use about 6 slices, which is more than enough!
-Ham, again from the deli.
-tomato (from our garden, or sometimes I use Romas)

And that's it. A couple of times I have microwaved a couple pieces of turkey bacon to add on. And my husband typically adds cucumbers, onion, peppers to his.

Typically a side for my sandwich is some strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, or a babybel cheese.


  1. I love sandwiches. Nothing wrong with a delicious one (like the ones in your pictures!!).

  2. I want to devour this sandwich! I am adding it to my recipe folder. Thanks for sharing. Ive never tried the laughing cow cheese yet!


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