A birthday party and an ambulance ride

This weekend was supposed to be all about Tyler, his third birthday and the pumpkin patch.

We were off to a good start. Saturday morning I finished preparing the house and food and finished shortly before people started showing up.

Tyler had a great Monkey themed birthday party. I wish I could say that I took lots of pictures of the cool food and the decorations I made, but it didn't happen. But I did a veggie tray using peppers to hold the ranch dip, we made banana splits in lieu of a cake, and had streamers and monkeys flying all over the dining room.

Tyler opened presents and got a ton of really cool things. He got lots of clothes and warm snuggly pajamas, paint sets, a stuffed dragon, lots of toys, pretend food and a BBQ grill. Tyler was one happy boy!

He was a little shy come time to sing Happy Birthday though. And we all got the "side eye"

After several hours of fun and visiting the last of our family and friends headed out. Travis suggested that we go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and since it was almost 6, and about an hour drive to get there, I said we'd better leave now. With our house a total disaster we filed out (after putting away only the things that needed refrigeration) and headed to dinner. We stuffed ourselves with rolls, blooming onion, salad and chicken strips (ribs for Zach). And it was delicious!

We got home about 930 and got this kids straight to bed and we followed right behind. I was exhausted from a long day and was looking forward to my head hitting my pillow! I still had a disastrous house, and Travis said to leave it and we'll take care of it first thing in the morning.

I woke up a couple of times through out the night to feed Summer, the last of which about 5:45-6 am, then headed right back to bed. I then woke again right about 6:30 with a terrible pain in my stomach. At first I thought maybe I needed to go to the bathroom. I tried, with no luck. I got a glass of water, I ate some tums, tried to use the bathroom again, nothing was helping. I can handle pain pretty well and I'd never felt something this bad. I really felt like something was wrong. I woke Travis up and told him how bad I was feeling, and he suggested to get a glass of milk. I did and it still didn't help. I tried to make myself throw up but couldn't. I finally said to him,

Me: You need to call 911
Travis:  Do you want me to take you to the Dr?

And he did.

I called my mom and real quick told her to please come over. And Travis called my friend, who thank goodness lives right across the street, so she could stay with the kids until my mom got to our house.

I was finally able to throw up and didn't feel the relief I was hoping for. But then the paramedics got there, took my vitals and whisked me off. The paramedic let me know he thought I was having a Eptopic pregnancy. And at one point he mentioned my gall bladder. Of course, I was hoping for gall bladder.

We got to the hospital where they did an ultrasound and saw that I indeed had a gall stone.

And that was that. They really acted as if it were no big deal, that I should schedule to have my gall bladder removed if it happened again, and see ya later.

Luckily I got to come home to a cleaned up house, thanks to my mom, sister and nieces. I laid down on the couch to rest and Travis did a bit more cleaning and got chicken noodle soup in the crockpot.

It wasn't exactly the weekend I had envisions but I am thankful to my friends and family for giving Tyler a wonderful birthday party, and being there for me!

And don't forget that tomorrow is Tuesday Top 10! I hope you'll come back to link up your Top 10 favorite Products!

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  1. Blah! That stinks...hope you are feeling better!

  2. Oh you poor thing! I can sympathise - i've got an enlarged gallbladder and spent 7 hours curled in a ball on our lounge room floor one night after getting kicked in it at soccer. I was pretty silly for being so stubborn and not going to hospital! ;)

  3. You poor thing, hope you are feeling better! Luckily it was after the party, and yay for wonderful family.

  4. Yikes that sounds painful!!! Hope you are feeling much better.

  5. Isn't it awful?!? I had the same thing last year- ambulance ride and everything because I couldn't stand the thought of folding over to get into the car. Got there and they did an u/s and said I had gall stones. Gave me some pain meds and said to consider having it removed if it happens more than once or twice a month. What?!? Fortunately, it hasn't happened again. But that's some serious pain!!!


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