Busy as a Bee! {Birthday Party!}

This past weekend we celebrated Summer's first birthday with our family and friends. And it went off without a hitch.

I really wanted to have her party outside so I was praying the weather was going to be nice! And it was! It was actually in the high 80's and pretty toasty, but we moved things right along so we were not hanging out in it for too long. Normally, I would welcome the heat, but it was a hot, sticky heat, and to be honest, I'm over it, and so ready for Autumn!

After Tyler was born I really wanted to do a Bumble Bee theme birthday for him, and Travis thought it was too girlie. So I've just saved all the ideas on my trusty Pinterest boards and was excited when when our Team Green turned Team Pink and I was going to get to do a Bumble Bee party!

I made most of the decorations, and I had a lot of ideas for food, but when it came down to game time, I just flat ran out of time to get some things up or finished. And some food just sat in the fridge because I forgot about it! Darn it, right? I spent a ridiculous amount of time making sugar cookies that turned out just ok, and marshmallow pops that started melting in the heat! But enough about that, here is a picture overload!

Love this little Bumble Bee!

My family- the littles were looking at their auntie, of course!

My beehive sugar cookies that started to melt away as soon as we went outside. Can I just say for the record that these things were a huge pain in my rear!

Summer's Bumble Bee smash cake

Yummy marshmallow pops. These too started to melt outside. 

Little missy opening her presents

A new baby doll! 
Cake time! 
  Who decided it was a good idea to put black frosting on a baby's cake? Oh ya... It was me. 

Look at these super cute party favors!! More to come on these babies!

This girl crawled away with at least 4 baby dolls, a care bear, lots of toys and more clothes than I can count! I am so grateful for my friends and family who came and shared this great day with us.

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  1. Happy Birthday Summer!!!! It looks like she enjoyed her cake.


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