Summer @ 16 months!

This girl.

Yep, she is amazing.

Two weeks ago she officially turned 16 months and she is busy like no other.
I've said before how Zachary was such a great, calm, quiet baby. And Tyler was loud, obnoxious, ornery...

Well Summer, she doesn't have a calm moment about her. She doesn't do anything quietly. When she is mad, you know! When she is happy, you know! If she is hungry, she tells you. If she's tired, she tells you. If she wants to high 5, she tells you.


She is so much fun.

Summer at 16 months runs all over the house.
She eats so much I can't believe, (most of the time she eats more than Tyler!) nor do I have any idea where it goes because she is still so tiny.

Her last appt in December she was 19# 1 oz and less than 5%. I got "the talk" about stopping breastfeeding again. But this girl, she's just not ready. I started weaning out feedings slowly and we were down to one before bed, and sometimes during the night. Then one day she woke up wanting to nurse and it continued every 2 hours through out the day. She started getting extra clingy and the separation anxiety is back. Bedtime has been a nightmare because she doesn't want me to leave her and most nights I have to rock her to sleep. (Which I don't exactly hate!) Or she sleeps with us.

She loves her baby dolls and pushing them in her stroller.
She loves to play with her brothers.
She loves showers and baths.
She loves to be outside. 

She hates applesauce. (or anything else with that texture)
She hates shoes/socks 
She will not keep a single hair pretty in.
She fights back. If Tyler takes a toy from her she will take it right back (or at least try to!)

She has 12 teeth.
She has big brown eyes.
She has the best cheesy smile. (See picture at the top)

Besides saying Mama, Dada, bubba, jada (dog), and bye bye that she has said for quite some time, she also says: peas (please), upa (up), cracker, hi, no no, eat, ball, yeah... you get the idea, right? She's a talker!

She really is a sweet sweet girl. And I am just going to enjoy every moment of this craziness!

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