You're gonna miss this

So many times in day to day life things happen with the kids and I think "I'm not going to miss that"

For instance- Our dresser is mainly covered in stacks of diapers, pull-ups, wipes and piles of the kid's folded clothes that I have yet you put away. And regularly I think, "I can't wait to have a clean dresser top". Or one day while I was in the bathroom doing my makeup before we left the house Summer, so quickly, pulled out every single bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth from the cupboard onto the floor and I had just less than an hour before folded and put them all away. I remember thinking hose I won't miss this stage of her pulling everything from it's home.

So when Saturday came along, which I had been waiting for all week so I could go hangout with one of my best girls- Kid Free- I was driving to her house and this song by Trace Adkins came on the radio and I already missed my kids.  Now, each time this song comes on, I cry. I know good and well that the day will come along and I will miss all this craziness. But this time I felt like it hit me differently.  As I drove, singing along tears down my cheek it really hit me. In the blink of an eye Zachary went from a little 1 year old like Summer, to a rambunctious 3 year old like Tyler, to a pre-teen finishing his last year of elementary school. I miss the days of sitting in the rocking chair with him, watching Jeopardy.

I took more pictures than anyone really needs and documented everything. To this day I still take too many pictures, documenting everything along the way and know when I'm older and don't have these sweet littles running around the house anymore I will be so grateful to be able to think back and look at these kids and remember all the times they drove me crazy.

I love these three like no other.

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