Weigh in Wednesday

Things haven't gone quite like I've wanted this winter, but it really could have been so much worse.

My current weight is177-which is pretty much the same as the last time I updated.

Even though we didn't have tons of snow around, we had a lot of bitter cold and I just wasn't going to pack the kids outside. And I just ate too much and didn't always make the healthy choice! Sometimes I feel like my old eating habits are trying to sneak their way back in but I'm not going to let them stay around! I've kept up with doing the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge (most of the time) and I know that has helped. The last several weeks I might not do her exact routine but I do something, whether it is being out running/walking, or doing sets of push ups, lunges, squats, jumping jacks and planks.

Every year in Spokane, Washington where I live, there is Bloomsday. It is a 12k race that our family participates in as often as possible. Typically each year I walk because I am pushing a stroll or have been pregnant but this year we are doing it without the 2 littlest and I plan to jog at least HALF of it!

So I've been using the RunKeeper app on my new phone to log my miles and make goals, and feels good to be outside running again!

Plus at Zachary's school they do a training clinic each Monday and Wednesday so I push the littles in the stroller and Zach walks, so we are going to be ready for this race!

So what do you do to keep your portions down and what keeps you motivated?

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  1. Kate:

    I know it's all relative, but I would LOVE to be 177. For me, I just started following the Weight Watchers plan and honestly...it's so stinking simple I just love it. And, I figure out how to do it for free...so if it's something you are interested in learning how to do...let me know.

    Keep at it...I am not a runner...but I signed up for DailyBurn and you can do it in the privacy of your own home. Lol I just have to get up off my butt and do it. :)


  2. I know, and I get it. I'm happy with 177, because it means I've lost 22 pounds. I have so much more energy than I did just months ago and feel so much better. But it just makes me strive for more because if I feel this good after 22 pounds, how am I going to feel when I get to my goal?

    I did do WW several years ago and I think it can work (and did for me while I did it) but at the time I had a problem being honest with myself and wouldn't write down this little snack, or that little bite and then was mad when it didn't work. ;) I really just need to get my food and workouts on the same track and I think it will get better! Actually, I know it will get better!

  3. I cannot believe that there is another person on the planet that wears flip flops all the time (and it is cold where I live too). In fact, it will probably reach about 45 degrees today and is windy and misty outside. The only time I do not wear my flip flops on an outing is when there's more than 2-3" of snow on the ground. Then I wear either closed shoes or boots for fear I'll get arrested and put in a straight jacket for acting crazed.

  4. Just stopping by from Click and Chat link up party to say hi. I'm now a new follower of all your social media. Stop by www.stuckonacloud.com and say hi to me sometime. I'm looking forward to sharing with a new blog friend! Have a great week!
    By the way I have a flip flop tan line that is forever with me. I buy the same one every year so it doesn't go away.


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