20 Wishes- June Progress

The months are going by so fast that I feel like every other day I'm writing a 20 wishes post!

  1. Decorate our master bedroom

  2. Save blog money to put towards a blog conference

  3. Make my own skirt

  4. Go huckleberry picking

  5. Host a dinner party

  6. Learn to identify 10 constellations

  7. Make a perfect cheesecake

  8. Finish Summer’s quilt

  9. Spend an afternoon reading in the park

  10. Improve my posture

  11. Try out Stitch Fix

  12. Start donating blood again

  13. Go on a double date

  14. Take a class (cooking/sewing/dance)

  15. Massively de-clutter my house

  16. Don’t spend any money for a week

  17. Send flowers to someone

  18. Put change in someone’s expired parking meter

  19. Get a “little black dress”

  20. Get to my ideal weight
Just 1 thing got crossed of this past month. I made my own skirt! It's a super cute Maxi skirt and I'll be sharing a tutorial for it next week, so make sure you check back. I'm excited that a couple of these things will be getting crossed off this next month because sometimes it's depressing seeing hardly anything get done on here. Though I know so many other things have been done! Did you see my Kitchen Aid Makeover?

We got a much needed new dining room table that is actually large enough for our family, and has matching chairs.

And I used some blog money to buy myself a new computer- which I just got today and I'm using right now! As I said last month, my other computer is 8 years old and it was definitely time!

Now, check out the giveaway below!! And link up your own 20 wishes!

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