20 Wishes- July Progress

We are finished with another month now and I am completely finished with 8/20 of the items on my 20 Wishes list. Though I have worked on several more and I am making progress! Check out my list!

  1. Decorate our master bedroom
  2. Save blog money to put towards a blog conference
  3. Make my own skirt
  4. Go huckleberry picking
  5. Host a dinner party
  6. Learn to identify 10 constellations
  7. Make a perfect cheesecake
  8. Finish Summer’s quilt
  9. Spend an afternoon reading in the park
  10. Improve my posture
  11. Try out Stitch Fix
  12. Start donating blood again
  13. Go on a double date
  14. Take a class (cooking/sewing/dance)
  15. Massively de-clutter my house
  16. Don’t spend any money for a week
  17. Send flowers to someone
  18. Put change in someone’s expired parking meter
  19. Get a “little black dress”
  20. Get to my ideal weight
Last month I made my own skirt and I love it. I hope you'll check it out if you missed it before! And this month I got a few more things checked off.

#4. This past weekend we headed out bright and early to make the 1 1/2 hour drive to a prime huckleberry picking area. We had a really great day, coming home after almost a gallon of huckleberries, sun burns and lots of swimming.

#7. I made my first home made cheesecake. It fell a little in the middle but that didn't hurt the taste in the least! It tasted amazing and I'm looking forward to more cheesecakes in my future! I have so many different kinds saved on Pinterest that I can't decide which kind to make next. Maybe I should just stick to the original for a little while!

#11. I tried Stitch Fix for the first time this month and I have to say, I wasn't overly impressed. Don't get me wrong, the clothes were cute and overall they fit good, but.... I don't know. There is something about the price tags that will keep me from going back again. Head over and take a peek at what I got, and see if I kept anything!

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