DIY Baby Wipes with Viva Vantage

Thanks to Viva for sponsoring today's discussion.

It's no secret that I love make most anything that I can. I have a problem with seeing an item and thinking, "Oh, I don't need to buy that, I can just make it!" It really is a problem because sometimes the projects never get finished, or maybe they didn't even get started. Or actually, maybe they turned out terrible, right?  But sometimes they turn out awesome and this is one of those projects that I love. Home made baby wipes couldn't be easier to make and with only 4 "ingredients" I feel more confident about what I'm using on my babies bum.

All you need to make these amazing baby wipes is 5 things.
  • Viva Vantage Paper Towels- Picked up at Walmart
  • 2 Cups of boiled water- cooled to room temperature
  • 2 Tbsp. Baby Wash
  • 1 Tbsp. Baby Oil 
  • A container of some sort to keep the roll in.- I found a set of 4 for about $6 at Walmart.
First you are going to use a knife and cut the roll in half and remove the cardboard tube.

Next, mix all other ingredients in the bottom of your container and then set half of your roll cut side down into the mixture.

Put the lid on and let it sit until all liquid is absorbed.
Now, flip the container over and let it sit for a full 10 minutes

And you are ready to go! Pull out a piece from the center of your roll to start it off and you now have home made baby wipes that use the strongest paper towels out there!

I love these specific home made baby wipes because they are so strong. Viva Vantage paper towels have an awesome stretch to them that can hold up against my old brand and everyone who has wiped a baby bottom knows just how important that can be! No one wants their fingers going through a wipes when you are cleaning the mess of all messes, right?

Find out more about  Viva Vantage at Walmart

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