Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer (Review)

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. However, all opinions are my own.

We've all been there. A sick kid in the middle of the night. You don't want to wake them but you have to check if they have a temperature. That is what makes this Braun No touch + forehead thermometer so amazing. You can put it right on your little ones forehead or within two inches and get an accurate reading.

I've been using an ear thermometer for years and had pretty great results. However, there have been many times that I've woken up one of the kids while taking their temperature, or you know how it goes, so many times they do not want to be touched when they are feeling sick. Who wants to be poked and prodded while sick? Not me!

This No Touch thermometer has an on/off button, reads your temperature within 2 seconds and is color coded with green for no temperature, yellow for a slight temp and red for a high temperature.

It can be used for all members of your family from newborn on up and I love the idea of not spreading germs like you might with another type of thermometer.

And as you can see, Summer enjoyed taking the first turn. She didn't mind me putting it right against her skin, or trying it from two inches away! I can officially say that I've replaced my old thermometer with this one!  
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  1. This will be an indispensable medical gadget for home nursing and hospital examination.

  2. I've heard about this Braun Thermometer before and many were saying it is a great device to own, especially if you have little ones in your home. Well, I have no doubt with that thing because non-contact thermometers are really great and so useful.


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