Tyler turned 4

My little monkey turned 4 month ago (today) and because I'm behind on everything else, this is no exception! But I didn't want to forget it, or just not do it because I love to share what is going on in his life.

Tyler started preschool at the beginning of October and is loving every minute of it. I wasn't looking for child care, but for a preschool. I stay at home and am capable of teaching him, but what he lacks is social interaction outside of our home. We hit up story time at the library but he needs time away from his mama, with other kids. The first morning he went right off, not really caring what mom and little sister were up to, because he saw the kitchen play set in his classroom. And two and a half hours later when I went to pick him up the teacher said he did great. With one "I don't want to" coming from Tyler when it was time to walk away from the previously mentioned kitchen play set! Oops!

I was skeptical on how it would go. I figured there would be more reluctance on his part, but it's been good. He looks forward to going each time and wishes it was more than 3 times per week. He is making friends and even attended his first preschool friend birthday party a couple of weeks ago.

He loves playing on my mom's Nook. He would play on it anytime she would come over he would barely even say hi before he was asking if she brought the Nook. She put lots of games on there that are perfect for a little boy and he plays with it almost daily.

Tyler is such a good little brother. He loves Zachary so much. And he is an awesome big brother, as he adores Summer. He will do big kid Legos with Zach and a few moments later he is playing babies with Summer.

He can spell his name out loud and write it on paper
He says everything is "Amazing"
He knows his alphabet and numbers
He still loves Thomas the Train
He loves to watch Daniel Tiger
He has a funny obsession with John Cena.
He says, "Ohhhh my Gosh" but his enunciation that makes it awesome.
He always says, "When I was a kid...."

Currently, his faves-
Food: fruit snacks and apples and sandwiches and tomatoes and grapes
Song: Treasure (yes, he is talking Bruno Mars here)
Color: purple
Friend: Zoie
Toy: the mouse game
Book: Thomas and Yummy Yucky
Animal: Bears and Tigers
What he wants to be when he grows up: Batman

He is 40.5 inches tall and weighs 40 pounds.

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