2014 Recap of the year that was

If you've been following my blog at all you already know that there is no way to sugar coat this, so I'm just going to say it. 2014 has been the worst year of my life. I'm over it. I'm tired of hearing people say, and seeing the facebook posts about how wonderful 2014 has been. It actually makes me want to punch the next person that says it. (But I won't really resort to violence) And knowing that just because we go to bed one night and wake up with it being a new year doesn't help. So now that I've brought us all down, let's take a look at what we did this year. (We really did try to make the best of it- it was just low key)

January- Watched the snow fall, built forts out of blankets and couch cushions daily.January

February-  Zachary graduated from DARE, Summer was a cheeseball, our Seahawks won the SUPERBOWL, I turned 31, and Tyler was feeling lovey for Valentine's Day.


March- We celebrated St. Patrick's Day, I finished my first quilt, and had a little at home party for Travis' 30th birthday since mom and all three kids were super sick with colds!


April- We celebrated the birth of a new nephew, my mom had open heart surgery, we had a low key Easter, my family's life was flipped upside down when my mom suddenly passed away and we had very low key cupcakes for Zachary's 12th birthday.


May- We had a Memorial Day BBQ with friends, Zachary did Track & Field, Summer had her first "cone", we ran our annual 12k race, and celebrated my dad's birthday with a low key pie- that he made himself.


June- Zachary had his last day of 6th grade (and elementary school) and had a graduation ceremony, we went strawberry picking, I got a much needed hair cut and color, we got a new table, computer and car! Trav and I also enjoyed a much needed date night.


July- We started the month by heading to Montana for the 4th but half way there we had to turn around and come home because our dog was having an issue with her ear. We ended up taking her to the emergency vet in the middle of the night when we got home where she had surgery! We had to keep a close eye on her and stuck around the house the rest of the month. We played in the blow up pool, celebrated my Aunt's birthday, went to Silverwood and made crayon candles. (which was a fail, btw!)


August- We had some crazy storms that blew down a 150 year old tree at my parents house, flattening many others as well as tons of homes. We got a new swing set, played with Papa almost everyday, Trav and I had a date night, we made a ton of lumber out of just one of the trees that blew down, played outside a ton and finally made it to Montana to see my father in law. The boys went fishing and Tyler caught his very first fish, all on his own, but wouldn't touch it! And I got to see Bruno Mars!


September- We went for lots of runs with the new cart Papa found for us at a yard sale! Lots more playing outside, Summer turned 2, and Zachary started 7th grade!


October- Tyler started preschool, We had a joint "Farm" party for Tyler and Summer's birthdays, I tried to make a cow cake, Travis and I ran our first 1/2 marathon, we went to the pumpkin patch, saw Thomas the Train, went to our local "zoo" and saw lots of Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh my! And Tyler officially turned 4!


November- Tyler went to his friends "Cowgirl" party and rode a pony, Summer dressed like a fisherman with all of her girlie accessories, We made home made applesauce, Tyler's new bedroom was finished enough to move in, and we hosted Thanksgiving with mine and Travis' family combined.


December- We made a Christmas count down, saw Santa, and while the little two were very uncertain- no one cried! Tyler had his first Christmas program, we made gingerbread houses with family, Tyler fell on Christmas Eve and split his forehead open, ending with 8 stitches. Santa came and we enjoyed a nice Christmas at home.


New Year's Eve is just a day away and after the year we've had, we are staying home and keeping it.... you guessed it.... Low Key!

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