2015 Goals

I cannot believe it is the 6th of January and I'm just now posting my 2015 goals. I usually have this ready on the 1st of the year, but that is okay, it's here now.

2015 Goals

Last year I did pretty great on some of my goals, and not so great on others.

-I made over my master bedroom and shared my DIY Headboard, the envelope pillow cases and the toss pillows.

-I did lots of sewing and made my first maxi skirt and I have a couple of cool projects I hope to share soon!

-I did a pretty good job at starting a de-clutter. It really was my biggest goal of the year and I knew it would take a good portion of the year. However, after April, not a lot got done in that department. And that is okay.

-My weight loss didn't happen either. However I did do a 12k and a half marathon, and that my friends, is pretty damn impressive in my books!

So what do I have in store for 2015?

-More family time. The good quality stuff. Playing outside, camping, bike rides, board games.

Be the Mom

-Connect more with friends. Most of my friends work at least part time so during the days I don't do much out of the house unless it involves the craft store and my favorite coffee barista. In 2015 I have two goals in this department. First, I want to find some friends with kids that we can do playdates with during the day. Tyler started preschool a few months ago and that has made him a few new friends and a little more social. So it is a start!  And second, I need more time with my girlfriends just hanging out, doing girlfriend stuff with or without kids.

Ask Yourself

-Take a trip with my husband. This is happening. Like, it's booked and I'm counting down the days. In a few short months we will be laying on the beaches of Maui, soaking up the sun, a drink in our hands for our 5th wedding anniversary. We have whale watching, snorkeling and luaus in our future and I can't wait!

-Grow my blog, double my stats. I thought 2014 was going to be a great year, and it was. I actually made some decent money from it. I bought the kids a new swing set, my computer and Zach's xbox for Christmas. It felt great to be able to do those things! Not to mention the little things here and there for my blog, like sponsoring other blogs, props for taking pictures, etc. I am excited for what will be in store for 2015 here at The Colbert Clan. Especially now that I have a name and space I love.

If I waited for perfection

A couple of goals I am carrying over from 2014 are to sew more, de-clutter more and do more DIY projects.

More you have

And lastly,

I am about to get in the best shape of my life. Who is ready to watch this transformation? I want to get off the plane in Maui feeling confident. I know I'll never be a super model. And that is not what I am going for by any means. But I want to feel like I can put on a swimsuit and not be worried about what people around me are thinking.

And more than anything, I want to know I am doing what I can to be healthy. I often think about how my grandma had a quadruple bypass at 56 years old. My aunt had a pace maker put in at 55. And my mom had a valve replaced and then died at 56. Do you see a pattern?  I want to know that I am doing what I can to live a longer, healthy life.

I will be Fierce

What are you doing to improve your life this year?

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