DIY Coffee Sleeve

How many times have you went and got coffee and burnt your hand, or if you are like me and like your coffee iced year round, maybe froze your hand?

I'm sure your favorite coffee stand has coffee sleeves, but are they as cute as this?

DIY coffee sleeve vertical

The first thing you are going to do is pick out your fabric and get the insulated lining. I just grabbed a bunch of fat quarters  and went from there. Since this is reversible you'll probably want to get two different fabrics. Using two fat quarters will make 3 reversible coffee sleeves.  (more depending on your fabric and the pattern- because one will have to be sideways)

For the insulated lining I used THIS kind. A couple of years ago my mom and her friend bought a HUGE amount of it when there was a really good sale and she gave me a chunk because I was wanting to make these. And I hardly put a dent in her stash!

Next, you'll want to trace out your shape. I initially just eyeballed it on a piece of paper and it was pretty even, but then I adjusted it in a couple of spots to get it right where I wanted before I cut it out. I then used that as my template to cut all of my other pieces of lining.

Then I (sort of) ironed the portion of my fat quarter that I was going to be using. It doesn't need to be perfect but enough to flatten it out. I took my template that I have already cut out and traced around it adding a half inch all the way around. Then I cut all of my pieces.


After I have all of my cut pieces I took my original template and traced the actual size on each piece. That is the line I'm going to sew on. Then I pinned my two pieces together with the back side of the fabric facing out. (The pretty sides facing each other on the inside!)


DSC05616 DSC05614

DSC05617 DSC05619

Then I finally started sewing. I sewed three sides of the sleeve, leaving the final side open for me to flip the fabric through and to place my band.


So here it is with three sides sewn. You'll want to trim off as much as you can so that you don't have that bulk inside of your coffee sleeve. But be careful not to get your thread! Because then you'll have to fix it- Which I had to do a couple of times!


Now put your insulation against your fabric and start flipping the fabric through the open side. This took me a couple of times before I really got the hang of it. And sometimes I had to push around the insulation to make sure that it was flat and into every corner.

DSC05758 DSC05760 DSC05762 DSC05763

This next step is important, however, I failed to get a picture of it.

You are going to fold in the side pieces that are still sticking out and pin it together. Then you are going to take one of your hair bands and put half of it in between the folded pieces and pin it in place. Next, you are going to sew down the side, making sure you back over the band and over it again and CONTINUE to sew around the edge of the entire coffee sleeve so that your outcome looks like the picture below.


And last, you are going to sew on your buttons. I used my to go cup to measure where to put my button by wrapping the sleeve around the cup and then marking just inside of the (tip of the) elastic band. Then I hand sewed my buttons on because I have no idea how to use my machine to sew buttons. (I actually hand sewed 66 buttons!)

DIY Coffee Sleeve

And that is it! You've just made your first coffee sleeve!

I know it might seem daunting, but it's actually pretty easy if you are just making a couple. Since I gave these as Christmas gifts, I ended up making 33 of these babies!

So what do you think? Let me know if you give it a try!


  1. I love these! I always grab a cardboard one from Tim Horton's when I get my coffee fix. These would be really for at home!

  2. Thanks Ashley! I just keep one in my car so I'm never without it! I have gotten so many complements on it while I'm out and about!

  3. OH MY GOSH!! I wish I would have seen this before Christmas! I've got some big coffee junkies in my family! Guess they will be perfect Mothers Day & birthday gifts! LOVE!

  4. Yes, they will be! I couldn't share them before Christmas because they were Christmas gifts for all the gals in my family, and friends!


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