Bedroom makeover

When we moved into our house in late 2010 it was brand new, white walls and a blank slate. But anyone who knows me knows that I can always use a little help in the decorating department. That is one of the reasons I've never done much decorating for our master bedroom. We've spent so much time working on other things, and raising babies that it's been on the backburner for a long time. Last Spring I decided it was finally time. I went to Home Depot and found the perfect paint samples. I knew I wanted something very simple and neutral but I didn't want bright white anymore.

Here is a quick before picture: bedroom, makeover, before
Bedroom, makeover, before

I know, it's a disaster!

And you should have seen the hideous curtains I put up when we first moved in!

And after:




Before all our junk got added to the top of the dresser again! This summer we are going to hide the tv cords behind the wall so they aren't just hanging around!


The chevron picture is a magnetic board, though I haven't used it for anything. It is from Hobby Lobby.


I found THIS picture on Pinterest forever ago and have had it saved because I wanted it in our room. I used a frame I already had, painted the frame and painted the glass too! Then I used a pencil to draw on the lines before I painted them. I also used a pencil to draw on the letters first so I didn't mess them up. Then I went over the pencil with a black paint pen.


These are part of our family pictures we had taken in September. I bought the canvas and had the pictures printed. Stay tuned for more on DIY canvas pictures.


The "I love Us" is a printable from HERE, and as you can see, it's a bit orangey. I thought it was going to be more yellow but didn't want to take the time to have it reprinted. I used THIS picture as inspiration for my "happy place" picture then I made it in PicMonkey. I printed it as an 8x10 and used Mod Podge to attach it to the painted 11x14 canvas. And the "I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart" I made on PicMonkey and had printed as an 11x14 print.


I painted the window wall one color and the rest of the walls another color. I bought new sheets (jersey knit, and I'll never buy them again!) new duvet cover and pillow cases, I made the two rectangle toss pillows and the pillow case for the square pillow.

I painted all of the picture frames -they were all frames I already had. I made my headboard, and got a new lamp shade. I made everything ahead of time so that after I painted the room and it dried, everything else was ready for me to throw together. And luckily it went together pretty fast.

Bedroom Paint Colors

I know the walls don't really look that different, but they really are. I thought both of these colors were going to be darker once they were on the wall, but as you can see, they're not! Actually, at first glance the walls don't even look painted. These are Behr and the Gray Ashlar was used for the window wall and the Tailor's Chalk was used for the rest of the walls. And we left the ceiling white.

So what do you think of my makeover? Much better than before, and not bad for someone who can't decorate to save their life, right?

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