Cereal Box Stars

How cute are these stars? So simple and quick to make and an awesome decoration for a little area that you just don't know what should go there.

First, grab a cereal box that you've finished up and cup up the side to expose the inside. I found a star after searching on google, then printed it and cut it out. I then traced it onto the "inside" of the cereal box.  Next, I took a ruler and added the lines where I was going to "score" so it would easily bend.

When "scoring", you don't want to cut too deep but just enough for it to bend a little.

The lines that go to the points of the stars you want to bend out, towards you. And the lines that are "in between" the points you'll want to bend in, away from you.

Next, I used a white paint and put a messy coat over them. After letting them dry for a few minutes I added another messy coat. I didn't want them to be perfectly coated because I wanted them to have a some what "weathered" look.

Then I took a black paint and softly went around all of the edges and creases to make it pop a little.

So how is that for a quick afternoon project? Quick, easy and you have a couple of little stars up above your kitchen cabinets in a matter of an hour!

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