DIY Coffee Mugs

Thanks to Pinterest I found a great tutorial for DIY Coffee mugs. You know the ones with all the super cute sayings on them? I decided I was going to make them for all the gals in my family and some girlfriends for Christmas. I ran to the store and grabbed a handful of fun color "oil-based" Sharpies and then headed to the dollar store for mugs. But guess what? They were completely out of the white mugs. Of course, right? I wasn't really sure where another dollar store was so I waited a week and checked again and they were still out. And the next week.... Still out. Basically I gave up!

Then a couple of weeks ago Tausha shared her mugs that she was in the process of making and she used DecoArt paint markers. I hadn't even heard or seen someone talk about these on ANY of the tutorials I had read, and believe me, I read a lot of them! So after I dropped Tyler off at Preschool Summer and I headed to the dollar store first to see if they even had the mugs and they did, so I grabbed 10 of them! Then I headed over to the craft store and since I really didn't want to spend another small fortune on paint pens, I just grabbed two.

I headed home and pulled out my notebook that I wrote out all of my sayings on, grabbed a pencil to draw on the mugs, and my paint markers, and got to work.


I started out with giving a good rinse off. Then I set them on a towel to air dry while I did a few other things.


Then I used a pencil to draw out what I wanted it to say. That way I could make sure the words were semi-even. Since I was giving these to family and friends I knew they would understand if my writing wasn't perfect. Or if my words weren't even. I mean, I can't be perfect all the time but I still wanted to get them pretty even!

side by side

I obviously don't have the steadiest hand and I felt like I got better as I went on. The good thing is if you mess up, have a damp rag or a baby wipe handy to wipe it off real quick. I didn't have any problems wiping off spots I messed up on. But do it quickly!



I even loved them so much that I wanted to make more! My normal dollar store was once again out of stock so tracked down another store and went and bought a few more!


This is the mug I made for myself. What movie is it from???

Harry Potter coffee Mug

After you finish drawing you are going to let them sit for 8 hours and then bake. The directions on the package said to put them in the NON preheated oven and bake for 40 minutes at 375° (at temp)

I did a few dishwasher washes to make sure they work and so far so good! So now I've been handing them out and I think they're a HIT!

Have you made your own mugs? How did it work out for you?


  1. Oh my gosh these are SO cute! These would make such great gifts!

  2. Thank you Stephanie! Yes, they are great gifts!

  3. i want to know that, is it safe to bake an empty cup in convection oven for 40 minutes ?
    plz do reply its urgent. Thank you in advance

  4. I am so excited that I found this!! I'm going to have to try it out. Thanks for sharing!


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