How to make your own vinyl signs

I know I'm not alone in saying that I love the cute wood signs with sayings on them. And you see them everywhere. The store, the craft fair, rummage sales, and everyone has them in their house. But I didn't actually have any. A couple of years ago I found a sign at Hobby Lobby that I loved but per my usual style, I was sure I could just make it. I priced out all the stuff I needed and I thought I could get it all for almost half the price if I watched for the materials on sale. However, after a couple of months of "keeping an eye on sales" it just wasn't working out. Finally the cardboard letters went on sale and I was just grabbing up all my material one day when I realized the sign itself was on sale for 50% off and was going to be cheaper than buying all the material.... Seriously! So I just ended up grabbing the original sign. The story of my life!

But since then I have made a couple of other vinyl signs to help decorate my kitchen. Particularly the space between the tops of the cupboards and the ceiling.

Vinyl sign

I think that for so long vinyl has been really intimidating to me. I bought my first Cricut in 2007 and I have made anything with vinyl until about 6 months ago! Now I am not only kicking myself for not trying vinyl sooner, but now I'm covering everything with vinyl to make up for lost time!

A couple of years ago I painted a piece of wood and hand wrote a saying on there. I thought it looked ok, but nothing close to professional and really just was mediocre. So I repainted over the top of my letters (let it dry, of course) then cut out my vinyl saying.


I had two signs I was working on at the same time, so don't mind the back and forth of the two signs!

After I cut out my letters I peeled off the extra vinyl around the letters. Then it should look like this picture below.


Since I had never worked with vinyl I wanted to make sure I got it done correctly and I used the vinyl transfer tape. (that is the white paper in the picture below) You don't necessarily need to have the transfer tape and I don't use it for every project, but sometimes certain projects like the one below with a thin font, it is just easier to have the transfer tape.

So the next step is to apply your vinyl to your sign. Use something with a hard flat edge like a squeegee to flatten the letters or design.


Next, carefully peel back the transfer tape to reveal your letters on the wood sign.



Next I painted my sign the "outer color". I let it dry, did a second coat, and let that one dry also.



Last, once my sign was dry, I peeled off the vinyl letters, exposing the paint color underneath.


Here the is before on the other sign.



Then I got my signs up on the cupboard/wall and I was one step closer to having a decorated kitchen!


So it was pretty easy, right? Have you ever made anything with vinyl? How did it turn out?


  1. How did you get it to not bleed at all?! I'm so jealous. All mine bleed horribly!

  2. Does it bleed on any texture or just certain things?

    These were on wood and I didn't have any issue. But canvas is a different story. I have had issues with bleeding on canvas before. I guess I just really try to press down the seams so the paint doesn't have a place to go.


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