Round 1 of 21 Day Fix

You might remember when just the other day I shared this post about starting on my BeachBody journey and doing 21 Day Fix.

As of yesterday my first round was over and I wanted to share a little about what I lost and what I gained during this first 21 days.

So I'm not wasting any time and I'll just get down to the nitty gritty!

Here is my before/After:


I think right off the bat the biggest difference for me is my back fat. But other than that, ya, nothing is very noticeable. And you know what? I'm pretty okay with that.

But yesterday I was eager to do my weight and measurements and this is what I lost:

  • Pounds down: 3

  • Chest: 1.5 inches

  • Waist: 1 inch

  • Hips: 1.5 inches

  • Thighs- R: 1 in. L: 1 in.

  • Arms- R: .5 in.  L: .5 in.

  • Total inches lost: 7 inches

So 3 pounds down... I'm not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed when I first saw it. I even peed and checked it again. I guess I was hoping for 4 pounds because it would decrease the amount of food I was allowed to take in and I thought that might help me. But it is what it is and I'm still happy for a loss.

One thing I learned during this round, after seeing my numbers, is just how important your diet is for your weight loss. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know you are what you eat, but during my first week I didn't have the plan yet, I just had the dvds (from my friend) and I didn't realize just how much I needed to change what I was eating. How I was eating the same foods I always have, but just eating less and thinking that was ok, and that wasn't in my benefit. I'm looking forward to this next round, eating good from day 1 and seeing my results when it is complete.

worth it

I still have a long way to go but saying I have 67 pounds to go instead of 70 just makes me feel a little bit better.

And I think what I gained from this so far is just knowing that I really can do it! The first few days I was sweating by the first exercise, I could barely lift my shoulders off the ground when doing crunches and while I tried to not modify too many of the moves, I definitely had to modify several. By the end I was completely bringing my shoulders off the ground during crunches and I could do more than one push up "the normal way". I can't do many more than that.... but what I'm saying is that when you can see results like definition in your arms, lasting longer when doing a plank, or just not having to modify an exercise anymore, you know you are on the right track and it makes the number not quite sting as much!

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