Summer's big girl bedroom

True story: I thought I shared this weeks ago. Like, right after I shared THIS post about making Summer's banner and THIS one about her curtains. Oops. I was going through the many drafts I have and spotted it. I thought, "that can't be right, I posted that weeks ago". So I double checked and sure enough, I never posted it. I have no idea how that happened, but it did. Actually, I do know. It's called LIFE!

Summer Big girl bedroom

I have known for the longest time that I would do purple and grey in Summer's bedroom. But when we already had a crib bed set, right down to curtains and a matching lamp, I just stuck with what we had. It seems so silly to buy another set when our little set with deer and squirrels was so cute!

But now, I have a big girl and I wanted to go all girly on her bedroom.

Ever since I made Summer's quilt I sort of knew what I wanted to do in her room. I wanted polka dots on the wall, a cute little net above the bed, banner on the wall. And you'll also notice that her crib is still in there. We switched her to a "toddler bed" over the summer, and she has done super good with it. I thought it was going to be a nightmare, but I guess it was just the right time for her.

And one thing that isn't pictured is that we have a pool noodle under her sheet to keep her from rolling off. I bought it, totally having doubts that it would actually stop her from rolling off, but she never has since we started using it. (And she had rolled off a couple of times before using it).

Polka dots make everything cute, right?


My father in law made her name letters for me and then I just painted them up.


The super easy to make banner that I shared in THIS post.


I love her little crib bed and the cute little purple chevron sheet. And I'm actually a little sad because we just bought her a new big girl bed set a month or so ago and finally found a bed that I loved, so I just ordered it a few days ago. I am excited to get her moved into her even bigger big girl bed, but there is that moment when you realize that this is the last time we'll have a crib in here, and she really is becoming a big girl, and that is a little bittersweet.


Her quilt that I shared in THIS post. Also, this chair. My dad bought this rocking chair for my mom when she was pregnant with me. So it is a special chair. They put new fabric on the cushion that matched the letters that I put up on the wall when Tyler was born, so this is a very special rocker to me. I hope one day one of my kids will want it to rock their own kids to sleep in.


Love this sweet little sign that I found at Hobby Lobby. It was on clearance and I just couldn't pass it up!


One night for a girlfriends birthday a group of us went to one of those "paint n sip" places and this was the picture we made. It was perfect and I decided that if it turned out half way ok then I would put it up in Summer's new purple room. Not too shabby, right? Considering I am not a painter, I was pretty pleased with myself!


Another cute sign on clearance at Hobby Lobby.


One time when I was getting the room ready for Tyler I was asking my mom if they had any shelves that they weren't using and she brought me this. I forget what color it was but then I painted it a light green to go with the old bedroom theme and then gave it a fresh white coat for the new room.

Also, headband holder I shared HERE, the angel my father in law gave me after my mom passed away and the bumble bee teddy bear that my sweet friend Karri gave to Summer for her Bumble bee 1st birthday party.



I Love Summer's big girl bedroom and I look forward to adding her new bed and bed set soon for a great room for my girl to grow into.

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