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It's a miracle, she's alive.....! I really am still around....

Today I am linking up with The Foley Fam, Coffee-n-ink and Absolute Mommy for 3 Things Thursday. 3 gals I have met in real life, and they are all pretty awesome, so check them out.


3 Things:

  1. Blogging. Ya, it just hasn't been happening lately. Sadly. Last Summer and Fall I had made enough recipes to get me through the winter months of Foodie Friday without having to worry about making something new and having crappy lighting to take my pictures. But I haven't really even been sharing many of those. And when you do get a blog post, a lot of them have been sponsored. I'm constantly thinking about what I even have to say. And if what I am saying even matters to anyone. Who really cares about what I just ate, or that I am at the park with my kids? Or what I am painting now? Plus, I am just busy! My kids keep my so busy, and I'm working on projects around the house, and when I get 5 minutes to relax you can find me on my couch watching Netflix. (Nurse Jackie right now, what are YOU watching?) or working out.... which leads me to number 2.stop thinking so hard

  2. Working out. Ya, it isn't really happening either. I was doing so good for a while with exercising every single day and eating good, I had lost 18 pounds. But then I hit a plateau and I think instead of letting that motivate me to get passed it, I just lost motivation instead. I even bought Cize to give me a pick me up and I love it. It is fun and I sweat like crazy. But I just can't make myself do it everyday. It's been super hit and miss. Also, my eating is the same, not terrible but could be much better.  I created this Facebook group to help keep me and other accountable. It is for any and everyone looking to get healthier, so please, come join!The road to a healthy you fb

  3. I need new glasses. I remember when I was a kid and my parents would point out something really far away and ask me what it said. I could almost always read it. I could see things so far away and they always commented on how awesome my eyesight was. But then a couple of years ago I started having trouble seeing distance and got glasses. And the past few months my left eye seems to be getting worse and worse so next week I have an eye appointment. Is it a sign of old age that I am looking forward to new glasses? Also, I love my red glasses so do I keep them or get new ones?IMG_20160211_095452

PS. I've joined Snapchat username thecolbertclan and I don't know what I'm doing... but I'm working on it!

What are 3 things you're doing this week?


  1. I'm on snapchat too! Add me!!! reneetsoriano

    Anyway...keep blogging. I dropped off the face of the earth after having Annika but am slowly getting back. This link up has helped a lot and I like doing Alissa's coffee date friday! You are always so inspiring with the workouts I see you doing (or the aftermath) on IG! Keep going girl. My friend was just telling me you have to work through the plateaus to keep losing weight. You've got this!

    Thanks for joining us today! Love you bunches!

  2. How cute are those glasses on you!? I am in need of an eye appointment, because you're right... that old age ;) I totally was the same way! Working out everyday then just fell off the wagon. Starting up again is SO hard, so mad at myself for stopping! We can do it! Aiming for a good week of exercising and watching what I eat. So happy you joined us! Hope to see you again this week!


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