Reversible Sign

I actually had planned to have this front porch reversible sign finished before Christmas so that it would be out on the porch for the holidays, however, the board ended up being a place holder for another unfinished project so this one got put on hold until recently.

I could have had this done in a day or two with time to let the paint dry, but I've been looking at this poor board collecting dust for a while slowly finishing one step at a time.

Yesterday my husband and boys went out fishing so I thought I'd get it finally finished! And I was really happy with how it turned out.

Reversible Sign

I used a 6 foot board that was a 1/2 thick and 12 in wide

Sign 2

I started with painting one side, not all the way to the edge. That part doesn't really matter if you go all the way to the edge or not, but you just want to make sure that you cover the area with whichever color of paint that you want the word to be.

Next, I painted the other side of the board with my other color. I didn't worry about it being perfect or getting every inch because I didn't want it to be "perfect" but to have a little of a weathered look once I peeled the letters off.

Here are the colors I chose:

For the PEACE sign I used Americana Alizarin and for the WELCOME sign I used Americana Uniform Blue for my "background" letters and Whisper, also from Americana (Décor) for the rest of the sign color.

Sign 6

Next, using my Cricut Explore I cut out my letters. (No picture of that step, sorry!) And then placed them onto my sign, making sure to push down on the edges to "seal" them.

Sign 3

Then I used my top coat of paint to paint the rest of the sign. I ended up doing two coats.

Sign 4

Then after my paint was dry I peeled the letters off to reveal the underneath color.

Sign 5

Last, I took a sponge and dabbed it into the right color of paint and wiped down the edged and across the entire board to give it a little bit of a worn look. (but not too much, because it'll get worn plenty on it's own being on our front porch.

Pretty easy project that I could have wrapped up earlier if I wasn't such a procrastinator!

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