Timeless Traditions with Red Baron Pizza

I remember those days well. The ones where you spent countless nights with your best friends eating pizza, drinking soda and staying up all night talking.

I am so grateful for those days, and those friends. And I am grateful that I have been able to stay in contact with most of my childhood friends, whether it be seeing each other in person or connecting through social media.

8th grade promotion

You guys, this picture is from my 8th grade promotion! (that's me in the blue dress) And it is so bittersweet to look at this picture for many reasons. I thought I was "so grown up"! But really, look at us, we are just babies! And also, my oldest son, Zachary will be in the same boat shortly. He is only a couple of months from his own 8th grade graduation, I really can't believe it.

Right now he is in the stage where he too, spends countless nights with his friends eating pizza, drinking soda and spending all night playing video games.

Friendship is so important to me and I really try to remind Zachary of how important it is to find your tribe. Of course kids grow apart, and friendships change, but the girl behind me with the bangs... still my best friend to this day. And I treasure our friendship to pieces!

One tradition that is always carried on, whether it be when I was a kid hanging out with my friends, or my son with his friends, is pizza. It is the staple of kids get togethers, right?

I grabbed our two go-to pizza flavors, which is pepperoni and Hawaiian. But I also thought we'd mix it up a little this time and I got this Mexican style pizza, which I was unsure of how it would go over, but it was a hit and so delicious! Our Pizza Nights are always fun and we end with full bellies!


There are so many styles that you can find and our favorite is the classic crust Red Baron. Not too thick, not too thin! (But I also love the thin crust!)

Red Baron Pizza

Mexican Style = Delicious Pizza! There is an awesome extra crunch with pieces of tortilla chips crunched over the top!

Red Baron Pizza

So whether I am remembering old traditions with my friends, or enjoying watching my son create his own Timeless Traditions, Red Baron makes for a great night in our house!

Timeless Traditions

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  1. My favorite is pepperoni. Sometimes I like to put mushrooms on it, but the boys don't like them!


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