Preparing for Kindergarten

Over the past couple of years I have been working on getting Tyler "kindergarten ready". He did 2 years of Preschool/PreK and just finished up at the end of May and I am so grateful for all they worked on with him because it helped and lined up with all we do at home. During his first year of Preschool I made him a fun little "kindergarten book" that I have added to as he has progressed. And last Fall I started one for Summer, because hey! It's never too early to start writing your name! Plus, she will be starting Preschool in the Fall and it's time to get at it a bit more.

Kindergarten; preschool; learning; schoolSo today I wanted to share some of my favorite printables/worksheets to get your littles ready for Kindergarten.

First, the book I made looks like this. Just a run of the mill folder. At first I just used one of Zachary's old school folders, but after I noticed the "scream mask face" that was drawn on it I decided Tyler needed his own!

Preschool folderAll you need is a folder that has the brads and page protectors. Then you can start printing out some relevant sheets to add into your page protectors. And make sure you grab some dry erase markers and your kiddo will be on their way to learning! I add in a few extra page protectors so that as I am looking for more sheets to print I already have a spot to put them.

Preschool NameTracing their name - I LOVE this! You can type in your kids name and it generates it on the paper for you. I do their first name in caps and with only the first letter capitalized. I also do their full name so they can practice that as well.

Preschool alpha shapeWe have a few different shape pages, upper case and lower case letters. And some that have both upper and lower mixed up.

Preschool numbersI like both of these number sheets and I have them in different spots in the book so they get more practice.

Preschool DaysDays of the week, months of the year and number in word form.

Preschool add sub
We also have been working on counting by twos, fives, tens, etc. And addition/Subtraction.

Worksheet Fun
 is where I get the majority of my printables. They are awesome and have tons of different things. Plus, they have worksheets that would work for older kids too, like multiplication and division, etc.

preschool traceTrace the Line from My Teaching Station

Preschool Ty SumWe've also worked hard on learning site words. Tyler is having fun learning the sounds that the letters make and sounding out words on his own.

site words
There are so many great resources to get worksheets for your kids before they head off to Preschool or Kindergarten! Which I am grateful for since I will have a kiddo going to each of those this year! Plus a highschooler.... where did the time go?!?

Do you have a favorite site with great school resources? I would love for you to share it below!

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