2019 Goals

With the new year brings lots of new changes. People are making resolutions left and right. But for me, I really like to create goals.

Have you ever looked up the definition of Resolution? It means a firm decision to do or not to do something.

But sometimes I like to change my mind. Sometimes I like to change the direction I am going. Then what? I'm breaking my resolution. I feel like I can't alter a resolution. May seem silly to some, but it is just how I view it.

So here are my 2019 GOALS:

Obviously, my health and fitness is a big priority to me this year. In 2018 I was at my highest weight and I decided to join Weight Watchers. It was the best decision for me. I lost 38.8 pounds in 2018 and I'd like to do about the same in 2019.  (Read about when I started HERE and 7 months in HERE. ) It will be a big goal, but with exercise and making good food choices I know I will be able to rock it!

Most of my life I've had a weight goal of about 145. And when I joined WW I had to pick a goal weight, so that is what I've gone with. But honestly, that could very well change. It'll really depend on how I feel. I am going to completely trust my body as I continue to lose and stop when I feel good about where I am. In the past, I have let a number define me, but I am just not there mentally, any longer. I'm ready to feel healthy, whether that means I lose more than that goal or less than that goal, I am going to be okay with it. And so far I feel pretty great at 39 pounds down!

Besides actual weight loss, I really just want to be more active. Work out more, play with the kids more. Maybe even get a bike? I've been eyeing the banana yellow cruiser at Walmart for a couple of years. Maybe this is the year I'll finally get it?

I have a big list of books to read- I shared them earlier this week and if you missed it you can find that post HERE. So I will be doing a lot of that.

I also want to blog more. I used to blog a couple of times a week back when I was newer. But over the years it's gotten less and less and I just need to make time. Because I really do love to write and share the projects I am working on. Which leads me to my next thing.

Last September we bought a lake house. It was/is a total dive and we didn't get to work on it a lot before the weather got colder. We (and by we I mean my husband, father in law and my dad) gutted the bathroom, did a lot of plumbing work and we did some basic cleaning, but it still needs so much more. I will have so many projects to share. I have taken a ton of before pictures and hopefully soon I can get them on here to share with you all.

But here is a little sneak peek of when I was washing walls. The left side is the unwashed and the right side is washed. And you can only imagine the smell it holds.... Again. lots of work in our future!

Last, but certainly not least, I just want to be more present for my kids. Live less through the camera lens. More of just enjoying every minute I have with them and my husband.

What kinds of goals are you setting for yourself in 2019? I would love to hear!  

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