One Little Word.

Happy New Year, friends. I hope that everyone had a great holiday! One of my "goals" for the year is to blog more. I am really hoping this is the year that I make that goal happen. So I wanted to jump right in and talk about another goal for the year, which is One Little Word.

Who else chooses One Little Word to focus on for the year?

This is the first year I am actively participating in One Little Word. I have picked words in the past and then didn't go any further than that. So for this year, I thought long and hard about my word and what I wanted it to mean for me. And what I wanted to get out of it.

I chose to go with Dedication.

Dedication, One Little Word

Dedication to myself.
Dedication to my marriage.
Dedication to my family.
Dedication to my home.
Dedication to our projects.
Dedication to my friendships.

This was such a good word for me because it is going to be a busy year and I know it will take a lot of dedication to accomplish all the things we are looking at doing in the next year.

If you pick one little word, what is your choice for 2019? 


  1. I like this word and what it means to you! My word for 2019 Connect. Connect with my family, friends, job, passions, and with my relationship! I want more meaning in the things that I do and I know to do that I really need to Connect! :)

    Cheer to a wonderful 2019 my friend.

  2. Thanks, friend! I love your word too! It is perfect for you!


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