Tree Ornaments - 3rd Grade Art

The holidays may have come and gone but I still wanted to share this super cute project that I did with Tyler's grade class just before the holiday break.  Tree Ornaments were the perfect thing for these third graders to take home to their parents for Christmas and they really had fun making them.

I started by heading to my dad's house. He always has tree limbs around and he let me know he had a few he thought would be the perfect size for what I was wanting to make. And he was right. Two different branches that were going to work great.

Next, I turned to my trusty DecoArt paint. They have been great to me this year, providing all the paint I have used in our projects this year. If you haven't, check out our Fall Leaves project and the Witches Feet we've already made. Between the paint and the paint markers, DecoArt had me covered!

Next, I did a quick, thin coat of paint. These are both super basic and simple for the kiddos! Once the paint was dry,  you can then add the face. That took a little bit with the kids because their coat of paint was thicker than mine.

After the paint was dry the kids each picked either the twine or the string, then I cut off small sections and tied knots for them to add to their ornaments.

I inserted the string, unknotted side first and just pulled it through the loop to tie it around the wood.

The kids did a great job and had a lot of fun making the tree ornaments! Only one of the kids made the Santa ornament and the rest all chose snowmen and they turned out really cute!

Tree ornaments turned out to be a great third-grade art project!

How cute did they turn out?

What are some of your favorite projects to do with your kids?

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