Foaming Hand Soap

Currently, the world seems to be buying (or hoarding) every bit of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, hand soap, etc that they can find. Me? I have a normal amount of all of the above. And I also love that I can make my own hand soap to keep my families hands clean. So today I wanted to share this foaming hand soap that I made.

I already had some of the foaming pumps from dōTerra so I was able to make this foaming hand soap in just a matter of moments. And as you can imagine, it smells amazing and clean and fresh. Right now I just keep them in my kitchen and bathroom because my little kids think the foam is so fun to play with and blow through it - so they don't get it in their bathroom.

If you ever make any of your own things at home you might already have castile soap, but if not you can find it at Walmart, or Amazon.
Note: I used 10 drops of Peppermint oil and 10 drops of Melaleuca oil

  1. Put castile soap and Coconut Oil into the bottle.
  2. Add essential oils
  3. Add water into the bottle slowly, (make sure you leave room for the pump!)
  4. Put the lid on and shake
  5. Pump one to two times into hands when washing
You will love this soap as much as I do! It has an amazing smell that makes you feel so fresh and clean and it helps get rid of all those pesky germs you have on your hands!

Want to try and make some of your own shower melts? Lip Balm? Sanitizing Spray? Click the posts to read more. You can also follow along with my Instagram to see other things I am working on.

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