Tyler turns 10!

Tyler's 10th birthday party was a fun day! He asked for it to be a "spooky" theme, so his friends came over a few days before his actual birthday and they played spooky games and had a lot of nerf gun wars! 

They ate spooky eyeball jello, and veggies with ranch that was inside a pumpkin, and mummy dogs and they were constantly moving and I hardly took and pictures! 

When the evening was over and his friends went home we played Star Wars Monopoly, which is Monopoly is his FAVORITE, with the new game he just had received from his friend Deacon. 

Then on his actual birthday, he requested homemade Big Macs, like always, and pumpkin pie, like always. He's a creature of habit! He got some super fun gifts too! 

It was a great way to spend a 10th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Tyler! 

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