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So I had a Dr. appt yesterday and my Dr. was very happy with Tyler's progress at the last ultra sound. He said that Tyler's growth is perfect and right where it should be. But he does want to do another ultra sound to check it again so there is something more to compare it to. So next week we have another appt to check his growth. That way we've had another month and we are certain things are okay. I am really happy that I have made it this far and feel so good still. I am now 34 weeks and this is when I delivered Zachary. It has been such a concern that I would have the same problems this pregnancy, but my Dr. says he really thinks that if I were heading down the same path I would be showing some sort of symptoms by now, and he is comfortable with where I am.
So this news makes me a very happy girl!
Also I am now going to the Dr. weekly...... 36 days until D-day! So excited for this little guy to get here!

We have been getting the house ready to move in, and it has taken a lot of work! I know this is a new house, but with a dog that I can't walk on a leash because she is stronger than me, I need to be able to open the door and let her out, so there were some projects that needed to be tackled first. We (when I say we, I mean Travis) built a retaining wall in the back, built stairs off our deck, a fence was put in, Hydro-seed is down and grass is coming up, the garage door opener is in and we put a ceiling fan in the living room. We have moved a few things over but still have a lot of moving to do and will be doing that in less than 2 weeks. I also have a nursery to decorate and started painting yesterday. Hoping to finish today. then I can start setting up the nursery!!
I am really excited to get moved- and ready to be settled in. Will try to get some pictures up soon!

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