So Travis and I have been looking at houses for quite a while, unsure of what we wanted to do, but.... WE FINALLY BOUGHT A NEW HO-- USE!!!

We are really excited and should be moving in within the next couple of weeks!
There are several great things about this house that I am so excited for... I have a nursery to decorate! I have a dishwasher.... and probably the best of all I have a SCRAPBOOK ROOM! I am sooo excited for this! Zach's school is close by and we are in a great area in Colbert where I am comfortable letting my child ride his bike without worrying about cars speeding by.

I am soo excited to get moved into our new home before Tyler gets here so he has a bedroom of his own. (Not that he'll notice!) And Zach is excited for his big bedroom that he won't have to share with his little brother! lol. This is a great change for our family! And we hope our friends and family will get to share many great memories with us in this home!

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