We're Moved!

Yep-- We're moved.... unpacked? that's a whole other story! But we are moved from old house to new, and old house is cleaned and ready for it's new tenants. As for new house, I am probably 1/2 way unpacked. Not too shabby for a pregnant lady... and not just any pregnant lady, but a pregnant lady who is going to have her baby in 26 days or less!
It's so nice to have things out that have been packed up for a couple of years, since we just didn't have the space in the other house. And of course I have tons of wall space for pictures, though Travis made me promise not to put any up without him. I guess he would like to have say in what pictures go on the wall... But we'll see about that. ;-) Right now I am just trying to get things put in their homes and then I can decorate. Not that I really know how to decorate, but I am going to attempt. So wish me luck!
This morning I walked Zach to school as he rode his scooter. I am not a good judge of distance but it's less than a mile to the school. I didn't make it very far before I was getting a side ache and was having to take off my jacket because it was too warm. By the time I got back to the house I had beads of sweat on my forehead-- and was exhausted. I think that I will be driving until after the baby is born. :-)
For now I better get back to packing, but I am hoping to take some pics this afternoon and will get them posted soon!

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