Pictures! finally! We are completely unpacked, but still have nothing on the walls. Hopefully that will come soon. I am not one to have bare walls and it is driving me crazy!

Living room

Living room, right side


Dining room

Our bedroom

Our bedroom- with Tyler's cradle so he can be close by.

Master Bath

Main bathroom

Tyler's room- It's put together except we don't have any pictures on the wall. Hopefully that will be done this weekend.

Tyler's closet filled with stuff from the baby shower. Glad I have a place to put it all!

My rocking chair will be next to the dresser, But it is not at the new house yet.

Here is a close up of the grass on Tyler's wall

This is Zachary's disaster, I mean, room. :-) It is a mess because we have not done too much with it yet.

He has this great play area on the other half of his room. It really would be meant for a "family room" but we thought a big room would be great for Zach to be able to get his stuff out and play hard!

Here is my scrapbook room. As you can tell it needs some love! I had it pretty well cleaned up until we moved everything else. Then more stuff got put in there and needs moved back to the garage! Then I will have a place to work again!

Here is the backyard. This is looking off the deck toward the right. We just had hydro seed done about 3 weeks ago and the grass is coming up nicely! The back section where it is just dirt will be shrubs, but that project is on hold until spring!

This next pic is looking right off the deck as well.

This picture is looking off the deck to the left. Travis built that wall with my dad and brother and it turned out great! It was a lot of work though!

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