3 months old already?

Can it be? Can it really be that my baby is 3 months old already? I can't believe it! He is getting so big and doing more new things daily. I love watching him grow! Here he is just moments ago....
Here was earlier today with hiss BFF Raylee. He still loves her even though she tried to eat his hand. (it was really cute!)
2011 is starting out pretty slow... which really is okay with me. I am good with a slower year! We pretty much do the same things each day. Which consist of taking Zach to school then hanging out at home. Occasionally running errands. Tyler is staying awake longer each day which I feel I am getting less done by the day, but that is okay. I really love getting to hang out with him. Playing on the floor, cuddling, listening to him talk more each day. It is alllll great!
All I have to say about this picture is that I am the luckiest mama ever!

Sometimes I feel really bad for Zach. He loves his baby brother with all he has. And he loves to hold him and cuddle him. But a lot of the time, this is what Tyler does when big brother holds him........
Hopefully next time I post, I will have something good to talk about... who knows!

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