It's February!

So you know what that means? It's my Birthday month! :-) 11 days until my birthday! I am hoping for some scrapbook stuff.... I still have some of my craft store gift cards from Christmas, so I don't really need more stuff. I should be using all the other things I have. Which I will! But a girl can never have too much scrapbook supplies! ((right?))
So for this birthday I am wishing for a Gypsy to go with my Cricut... It'll let me do cool projects, and lots of cool stuff! I have been giving lots of hints too!

I am so far behind on my scrapbooks and am really trying to get my rear in gear. A couple of weekends ago I hosted a scrapbook party and I think it was a hit! I was working on starting my Disneyland/So Cal vacation book. It's going to be about 100 pages and I was able to knock out about 10-15 at the crop. Since then I have finished another 30 pages approx. So I am about half done!! But this is what I stll have to do:
~finish 2009 (only 4 pages left!)
~all of 2010 (I have about 500 pics. not sure yet how many pages that will be.)
~start 2011 (I have been taking pictures like crazy!)
~Twilight trip (this is probably only about 50 pages, I'm guessing)
~Rascal Flatts (a book of my concerts and meeting them!)
~starting Tyler's 1st year book (these will mostly be duplicates from other books- but only him)
~Trav and my wedding (that will be a big project- I have no idea how many pages!)

Plus I have a friends book that needs caught up... And then I should be caught up.
My goal is to get half of this done this year. I would be pretty happy with this!
That is why I will continue this new tradition to get together with the girls every other month to do a mass crop, and will be working on my own the rest of the time.

I am sure one day Tyler will want to know how come he had to be included in the scrapper girl's picture! He is saying :::in his best Napoleon Dynamite voice::: I don't want to get my picture taken!

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!! Super cute picture super cute post! I can't wait for our next crop party!!


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