25 songs, 25 days Day 11

Day 11- A song off of your favorite movie. Well I have a lot of favorite movies. And my most favorite movie is in French, so I am not going to use it! But my next most favorite is Armageddon. Man I love me some Ben Affleck! So my day 11 song is, I don't want to miss a thing. Not only do I love this movie, and cry every.single.time. But I love this song too!

So onto something else.... Travis coupons like no bodies business. I wish I could take credit for all the deals he gets, but I can't. I don't remember all the amounts, but this weeks Albertson's had some crazy good deals. Here is what we got:

22 brown and sever breakfast sausage packages
3 1lbs jars of salsa
9 21 oz jars of BBQ sauce
2 Garlic butter rolls
4 Marie Calendars Salisbury steak dinners
1 Marie Calendars Battered fish dinner
18 Peter pan Peanut butters
12 packages of 4 count snack packs pudding
2 cans manwiches
7 cans ravioli
3 Hunts spaghetti sauces
3 6 packs bottles of Snapple

And we paid....... $13.92

Here is a pic that does not do justice!


  1. Oh, I love the new look of your blog. How did you get that header?

    I am always in awe when people can coupon and get deals like that. Way to go Travis!!! I want to learn how to do it.

  2. Kelly- If you scroll down there is a badge that says "Free template by", Click that badge and it will take you to the site! It even lets you customize your person! They are really cute!

    Travis is a great couponer. We really don't buy much of anything without a coupon.


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