25 songs, 25 days Day 17 and some other stuff!

Day 17- A song that makes you want to dance.

Probably anything from the Black eyed Peas.
I am not really into dancing unless I have had a drink or two. Maybe I should take dance lessons?

Today Tyler had his 4 month checkup....

weight: 16# 1.5oz.
height: 26 inches

I have a big boy! He had to get to shots as well. The first one he sorta looked at me like "why'd you just do that?"
the second one.... he screamed! Poor guy! But after he got settled all was well. He just finally went down for a nap about 45 minutes ago and I will be getting him up in a little bit to grab Zach from school. Hopefully he will go back to sleep once he's in the car seat. Otherwise I think I am in store for a crabby patty.
Here is Tyler last Saturday when he was officially 4 months old!

And here is today at the doctor's office!

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