25 songs, 25 days Day 2

Day 2- A song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend.

It's been a while, but their was one song that stuck out.

Ignition Remix- R.Kelly.

I chose this song because not only did that ex-boyfriend sing it/play it all the time, but Zach ended up learning the words because we heard it so often. Zach was still pretty little but if you have ever heard that song, you know it's not the kind you want your child repeating...

On another note, Tyler has been noticing that he has feet. He kicks them around and just watches them. And last night he was really wanting them. Today... He got them. He finally reached down and grabbed one up in his hands. I think he was wondering how he was going to get it up to his mouth to chew on.... I am sure it won't be long. :-)

Here are my boys today.

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