25 songs, 25 days Day 21

I feel like I have been avoiding this particular post all day. Because when thinking of my favorite song, I can't actually narrow it down to one. Before I posted that "These Days" by Rascal Flatts is one of my favorites. Really you could name any of their songs and it could be one of my favorites.

Today I heard "God Bless the broken road" and I thought, that is my favorite. So that is what I am using. I really love that song. And my boyfriend sings it so that makes it even better.

If I picked my favorite song right this very second.... I still have several. Here are a few in no particular order....

Bruno Mars- The way you are.
Justin Bieber- Never say never
Justin Bieber- That should be me (this is with RF)
Train- Marry Me

These are songs that at the moment I could listen to over and over again.

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