Ash Wednesday

I don't technically celebrate Ash Wednesday, but in high school I remember Nicki and I would do something like, give up pizza pockets, french fries, ranch, big soft pretzels, etc. I know, those are silly, but we were silly high school girls and it worked for us.

Typically, I give up something each year and forget within a week that I had given them up.
So this year I wanted to give up something and stay with it.

This year I am giving up buying scrapbooking supplies. I really have soo much stuff and don't need to buy anything. I am trying to use the things I already have. I think this is something I can accomplish easily as I have already been trying to cut back on the things I buy. So wish me luck!

I have not posted any new pics of the boys recently so hopefully I can get some on this afternoon. And I have been working like crazy to finish up the Disneyland scrapbook and only have about 10 pages left! Excited to scrapbook with my favorite girls in a couple of weeks! And will be working on something new this time! YAY!

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