Finally Finished!

Well... pretty much!
I have finished up my Disneyland/ So. Cal scrapbook! I have completed 86 pages and left 2 blank because I have a half of roll of film fromt he beach that has not been developed! So basically I am calling it done!

Here is a pic!
This was our last day, and we were at Huntington Beach. I went to take a pic of Zach and my feet but the baby decided to be in the pic with his big brother instead! Sorry the pic is sideways... I don't know why I can't get these turned on here!

Also the boys have been busy growing!

Here are lots of pictures!

Tyler is getting a little big for his swing. It's not his favorite place to be either! I like how he has a grip on Mr. Moose!

Tyler enjoying his feet!

Here we are at Zachary's "sound" concert. After learning about sound, the 3rd graders made instruments. Zach made a photo harp... We used a picture frame, put guitar strings on it and we had a little lap harp type instruments! It didn't make the greatest sound but it was still pretty cool. Then the music teacher worked
with the kids and they put on a pretty fun

Here we are yesterday- @ my nephews birthday party.

Here are the boys today.

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