April 1st

I guess maybe my winning streak has come to an end? In March I won tickets to the Big horn show, A photo shoot, tickets to the Home and Garden show and got my name in a drawing for a cruise to the Caribbean. The cruise is put on by VH1 and has multiple music groups such as Lifehouse, The script, One Eskimo, Train, Colbie Cailet, etc. on the boat and you get to attend all the concerts... Fun right? I had a 1/40 chance but didn't get it.... bummer....

The really lame thing is that the girl who did win is right now on her way to Tampa to take off on this exact cruise route! Now in one month she will be going back for the VH1 cruise! LUCKY!

I guess it is a blessing in disguise. I have been away from Zach for 5 days before, but he was older... How could I leave my 5 month old baby to go to a cruise? That would make me a sad mama. :(

Anyway... For March I gave myself a scrapbook goal of:

Getting my Disneyland album finished
making 5 cards
and starting my 2010 album and getting 5 pages done

Well, I finished my Disneyland Album, I made 2 cards, and I started my 2010 album and have completed 12 pages! That was pretty good!

Here is my goal for April, And it's totally doable!

Continue on my 2010 album, completing 20 pages
Make 5 cards

I will update on May 1st on how I did!

I have a bunch of pictures that I want to share, and hopefully I will find some time later today to get them posted. Zach has a friend coming to stay the night- He has been missing this buddy of his who lived next door to our old house and is really excited to have him over tonight!

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