Random stuff

Friday I made Taco Soup. Until recently I had never had this. I was missing out!

A couple of weeks ago at our Scrapbook day Neo brought it for our lunch. This stuff is amazing. I am pretty sure I could eat this everyday. I have pretty much ate it for lunch and dinner since Friday. Yum! Zach wont eat it of course! More for me! :)

This weekend we spent more time at the rental house and are just about done. (Thank God)
We have spent so much time there getting this thing ready to list, and I pray it sells at least sorta quick! Trav especially has put a ton of time into this project and it will be nice to not worry about going to the other house anymore! Then we can concentrate on landscaping our house!

Also something big that happened this weekend... Tyler rolled from back to belly! Finally!
He has been trying so hard for the past couple of weeks and he finally did it! And he is trying to belly crawl! Mainly he goes in circles. :) I can't believe he is big enough to be doing this stuff!

Zach is officially on Spring break and we are starting off right with a Harry Potter Marathon!

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