I'll blame Tyler...

I feel like I never have time to write.
Mainly because Tyler is so much more active these days.
He hardly naps.
He fusses quite often lately. (this, I am guessing, is because of teething)
When he plays on the floor to goes in circles.
He cannot crawl yet, but is trying hard to get from A to B.

Lately I feel like I am happy if I get the dishwasher loaded/unloaded.
And some laundry done.
Usually the time I am starting dinner, is the time Tyler decides it's time to scream louder.

What I need to do is spend less time playing FB's Cityville when I actually do have a moment.
I am getting bored with that anyways...
I have not done good on my scrapbook goal this month,
and I don't have time over the next few days either.
Zach's birthday is tomorrow and I will be getting ready for his party this weekend.

Easter was good, and it was actually a nice weekend.
It sure beats the snow.hail.rain that we have been getting.

Tyler had his 6 month check up today.
He is 18# 13oz.
27 inches
75% for both.
He is my little chubbers. :)

I am tired.
And have typed this with one hand while Tyler is asleep in my arms.
I will post pictures tomorrow. Maybe.

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