Scrapbook progress and other stuff...

My goal for scrapbooking for April was a fail....

I thought I could easily complete 20 pages, and 5 cards.

nope... no such luck.

I completed 6 layouts and 3 cards. Which is by no means terrible, but it's not great for me.

So I am going to set a goal for May. Considering I didn't do great for April, you'd think maybe I wouldn't set a high goal, but nooot me! :)

May 7th is National Scrapbook Day-- yep, a day all for scrapbooking! That is my kind of day!
I am hoping that I will get to take advantage of this day and get some of my layouts done. I still have so much to do on my 2010 book and I am itching to get to 2011 so I would like to get 2010 done in the next few months.

So, with that being said my goal for May is once again, 20 layouts. If I don't get that many done, I think I will give up scrapbooking.... NOT! ;) (I have not said that for a looong time!)
Also I would like to again get 5 cards done. I guess I better get to work huh?

Also we had Zachary's birthday party today. It was great. We had a yummy BBQ and great company! Pictures to follow soon! Because I am slacking in the picture posting department! But I got some cute ones! Not only of Zach, but of Zach and his uncle Jerry, and Tyler and Raylee... (Speaking of Raylee, that little niece of mine is getting more Beautiful everyday! She has Nicki's blue eyes and is just a sweetheart! I <3 her... )

okay... Like I said, pictures to come... probably later this week. :)

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