Just a few pictures!

Here is Tyler's newest thing... Yep, my baby is trying to crawl! He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. He doesn't go anywhere yet! He can move much faster if he just lays on his belly and pushes himself! Guess it's about time to put up the baby gate...

Sometimes I have such a hard time putting pictures on here because their are just so many cute ones. Yesterday Tyler and I had a pretty laid back day and he was in such a happy mood. He just kept "working the camera" :)

I probably took about 30 of these similar shots. Everything about him makes me just want to squeeze him! In a good, non hurting my child way! :)

I also just wanted to throw out there that my goal of 20 scrapbook pages for the Month of May has been surpassed with no problems, And I have a few days to go! I will tell you soon just how good I did! (And I did goood!)

Tonight is a big night for Zach. He is going with his Grandma to Friday night Smackdown. For those of you who are not familiar, this is wrestling. I wouldn't have known if he didn't like it.
Last year he got to go to Monday night Raw and had a lot of fun and he is super excited for tonight. He is even taking his Grandma out to dinner, his treat, before hand.
What a sweet boy I have!

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  1. Such a cute baby! Found you on thebump, adorable blog!


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